Top 10 Best violin bow frog

Top 10 Best violin bow frog in 2021 Comparison Table

Bestseller No. 1
SKY Ebony Violin Bow Frog for 4/4 Violin Bow
  • Made of Ebony and Nickel Silver .
  • Designed for 4/4 Violin Bows.
  • Screw and Eby Included
  • Parisian eyes inlay, double pearl slide.
  • Fast shipping guaranteed
Bestseller No. 2
Pernambuco Violin Bow 4/4 Size 810V Concert Level Straight Stick Great Balanced Ebony Frog 4 4 Full Sweet Sound Natural Horse Hair Fast Response
  • FOR CONCERT USE - It is made by old experienced bow-maker and will bring you warm and clear tone. It's the most cost-performance wooden bow in our company, quality natural horsehair, great contractility, easier to rosin and more durable.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN - You can find black ebony frog with natural wood grain, is decorated with classical parisian eyes. And fully mounted by brass alloy. Soft grip, elegant brass alloy thread winding. It glowed like burnished gold. Very charming looking.
  • PERNAMBUCO - The bow is Pernambuco stick, air dried more than ten years. Round stick shape. The bow approx. 63 grams, 74.5cm. A very good back-up bow, practise bow.
  • GREAT BALANCE POINT - As you know, balance point is very important for a bow. Great balance point makes the bow easier to control. Our maker always adjusts it for several times to ensure its point is in the right range.
  • WELL HANDMADE - The bow is totally made by old experienced bow-maker with traditional handcraft work. Straight stick, clean work. Reliable bow that is a quality piece as well as durable. Fast action, response with warm sound.
Bestseller No. 3
Baosity Ebony Violin Bow Frog for 4/4 Violin Bow Parts
  • Ebony Violin Bow Frog for Violin Bow Parts Accessories.
  • Designed for 4/4 violins.
  • Made of ebony and nickel silver.
  • Beautiful eyes inlay, double pearl slide.
  • Great replacement for your old, dirty or damaged bow frog.
Bestseller No. 4
Purple Raspberry 2-Piece Set: Things 4 Strings Bow Hold Buddies Violin/Viola Teaching Aid Accessory
  • Flexes Thumb Touches Intersection of Frog and Stick: A bent yet flexible thumb is key to tone production. This accessory directs the inside corner of the thumb tip to make contact with the bow at the intersection of the frog and stick, at a 45 degree angle to the bow stick. This position, with a bent and flexible thumb, allows the player the options to exert upward pressure to the stick and/or pushing against the frog on down bows to get toward the tip of the bow.
  • Supports Curved Pinky: A curved yet flexible pinky finger is critical to bow control, tone production and a relaxed bow arm overall. The pinky finger correctly approaches the stick from slightly to the rear, positioning the finger tip so the finger can remain curved and flexible without sliding off the front of the stick. This allows the player to easily move the bow to play at the frog, and to counter balance the weight of the tip of the bow while playing in the lower half of the bow.
  • Positions index finger to rest on bow: A correctly positioned index finger is key to bow control and tone production. This accessory ensures the index finger's contact with the bow stick will be between the first and second knuckles. This allow the finger to control downward pressure on the bow stick, as well as the pull on the front of the stick to control the straightness of the bow stroke.
  • Fingers Contact Bow in Customary Places: The empty spaces around the fingers of a correct bow hold tempt even the best beginners' fingers to wander without support. The fingers of the bow while using this patented accessory set are exactly in the same correct position as they will be when the accessory is no longer used. While the accessory set passively teaches the essential skill of the bow hold, students can proceed to learn and experience the many other skills and rewards of playing music.
  • Adjustable, Universal Fit -- for child to adult hand sizes: The thumb/index finger stabilizer (designed to look like a frog) is installed on the bow and intended to remain in a fixed position, while the Hold Fish is designed to slide along the bow stick to come to rest next to the ring finger. This positions the pinky finger correctly in the Hold Fish. As long as the child or adult player is playing approximately the correctly sized bow, the resulting bow hold will be correct.
Bestseller No. 5
The Piano Guys Carbon Fiber Violin Bow | Full Size 4/4 Bows With Inlaid Ebony Frog & Premium Horse Hair (TPG Sharp Bow, Luke)
  • LUKE: Turn Up The Style With A Glimmer Chrome Finished Carbon Fiber/Advanced Composite Blend Stick, & Colorized Horsehair. Covered By The Same LIFETIME WARRANTY As All TPG Sharp Bows
  • FEATURES: Silver Plated Winding. Custom Ebony Frog With Simulated Pearl Signature. TPG Monogrammed Ferrule. Lizard Grip & Green Colorized Mongolian Aduu Horsehair.
  • STRENGTH: TPG Sharp Bows Are Made From Carbon Fiber. The Consistency In Composition Promises A Reliable, Clear Tone Suited For Performances In Any Genre. Strict Attention To Detail Means The Components Stay Strong, & Are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.
  • STABILITY: Water Resistant, & Humidity Resilient. These Bows Are Ready For Any Condition You Throw At Them. With An Astounding Mix Of Balance & Weight, TPG Sharp Bows Are Designed To Be The Last Bow You'll Ever Need.
  • QUALITY: TPG Sharp Bows Are At A Level Of Quality And Responsiveness You Would Expect From A Fine Wooden Bow, But With Much More Durability And Consistency For Far Less Money.
Bestseller No. 6
Professional 4/4 Brazilwood Ebony Frog Violin Arbor White Horsehair Violin Bow (4/4 Brazilwood)
  • Size: 4/4 (Full Size) , 73 cm /28.74’’, Round Stick, Leather Bow Grip, Abalone Slide and Silver Color Plated Wire
  • Made of selected high quality Brazilwood and AAA+ Mongolia Natural white horsetail
  • This Round Stick Violin Bow comes with an exquisite workmanship and elegant design and it will reproduce a resonant, well-rounded and forceful sound.
  • Quality Brazilwood Bow With Mother of Pearl inlaid Ebony Frog Unbleached Genuine Mongolian Horsehair
  • Straight, Nice Balance and Lightweight, Good stiffness, good control and response. Fit For Student and professional players to use.
Bestseller No. 7
Violin Bow 4/4 Size Octagonal Stick Ebony Frog Horse Hair for Violin Parts (4/4)
  • Handmade of selected nature Brazilwood Bow, Octagonal stick
  • resilient brazilwood stick with exceptional balance and flexibility for crystal clear intonation
  • Traditional non-slip sheepskin cushioned wrap with silver-plated button gives optimal comfort
  • Half-mounted rosewood frog with nickel silver button provides striking beauty and superb counterbalance
  • Genuine unbleached horsehair ensures long-lasting durability and superior rosin adhesion moymuke
Bestseller No. 8
ADM 1/2 Half Size Well Balanced Brazilwood Violin Bow with Wood Stick, Horsehair, Ebony Frog with Pearl Eye and Pearl Slide, Nickel Silver Mounted
  • Half-Line Ebony Frog with Inlaid Pearl Eye and Pearl Slide
  • Brazilwood Stick; Nickel Silver Winding; Nickel Silver Mounted; Synthetic Leather Thumb Grip
  • Unbleached White Mongolian Horse Hair
  • Quality Fittings, Great Sound, Well Balanced for Quick Response and Resiliency
  • 1/2 Bow for 1/2 Half Size Violin
Bestseller No. 9
D Z Strad 300 Violin Bow Brazil Wood with Ebony Fleur-de-Lis Frog (Full Size - 4/4)
  • Pernambuco, fully silver-lined, octagonal stick with Ebony frog with fleur-de-lis inlay
  • Equipped with genuine white, unbleached, Mongolian Grade AAA Horse Hair
  • Each bow is inspected in our own workshop in the United States
  • It is crafted with great play ability within a medium to strong range of stiffness.
  • This beautiful bow is properly balanced for quick response and resiliency.
Bestseller No. 10
D Z Strad Model 524 Full Size 4/4 Top Brazil Wood Violin Bow with Ox Horn Fleur de Lis Frog
  • The new design of the D Z Strad bows is taking the next step to improve the playing and the sound of your instruments.
  • The workmanship let it stand out from anything else in its price range. They are completely handmade.
  • Equipped with genuine white, unbleached, Mongolian Grade AAA Horse Hair
  • Properly balanced for quick response and resiliency. Premium Fleur de Lis Frog made from Polished Ox Horn.
  • Premium Fleur de Lis Frog made from Polished Ox Horn.

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Our Best Choice: Violin/viola Bow Screw and Eye, Nickel/silver Mount

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