Top 10 Best monoprice headphone amp

Top 10 Rated monoprice headphone amp in 2021 Comparison Table

Bestseller No. 1
Monolith 124459 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 Dacs & Dual AAA-788 Modules)
  • The worlds most linear amp technology: the THX achromatic audio amplifire (THX AAA) ensures the ultimate no-compromise Headphone audio experience
  • True balanced operation: Each THX stereo amp module operates in a bridged configuration to maximize output power for each channel, each DAC operates in mono mode
  • Dual AKM 4493 DACs: new flagship 32-bit stereo premium DAC. It supports PCM inputs up to 768kHz and a direct stream digital input of 2. 8/5. 6/11. 2 MHz
  • Balanced & single ended Headphone output: Compatible with all headphones and items
  • Tailor your sound: Use the powerful digital tools to tailor the sound to your personal preference. Does your headphone have a little sibilance? Set a peq to tame that frequency peak
SaleBestseller No. 2
Monoprice 615220 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
  • 35mm) amplified headphone outputs each with its own independent volume control
  • It features an extremely clean amplifier circuit which produces a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 98db
  • It accepts line-level audio input over the stereo RCA jacks on the back or headphone level through the optional 1/4 TRS jack
Bestseller No. 3
Monolith Liquid Platinum Headphone Amplifier - Designed by Alex Cavalli | 3.6 Watts Per Channel, Fully Balanced Amp
  • LUMINOUS TUBES. THE POWER OF SOLID STATE. SPECTACULAR SOUND. As an embedded tube/hybrid amplifier (DC coupled in to out, no coupling caps), the Liquid Platinum gives you the beautiful sound of tubes together with the grunt of solid state circuitry to drive the headphones. It uses two 6922 tubes or exact equivalents, such as 6DJ8s.
  • SINGLE ENDED and BALANCED INPUTS and OUTPUTS: With multiple inputs and outputs for balanced and single ended operation and easy front panel input selection, the Liquid Platinum is compatible with just about everything.
  • KEEPS ITS COOL. The Platinum is ventilated with two long, screened slots on either side of the top and large screens on the bottom to ensure that it is well cooled. Ensure your amplifier has enough space around the vents and is not in a sealed enclosure.
  • YOU'RE PROTECTED.The Liquid Platinum has a built-in, slow power on. It warms up the heaters first and then, after a short delay, brings up the SS rails and tube HV, protecting the internal circuitry during startup.
  • It also includes a connection delay to the headphones and an active offset detector, just in case an internal fault or source fault applies too much DC voltage to the output, it immediately disconnects your headphones
Bestseller No. 4
Monolith THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier Featuring THX AAA 887 Technology, Balanced and Single-Ended Inputs (139359)
  • The THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) ensures the ultimate no compromise headphone audio experience by delivering the fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption.
  • Three gain settings: The amplifier features three different gain settings for optimal compatibility with all headphones. The lowest gain setting is the most appropriate for sensitive IEMs.
  • Balanced and single-ended inputs: The amplifier features an XLR balanced input, plus 1/4in and 3.5mm single ended inputs to eliminate the need for adapters.
  • High grade CNC-milled aluminum with black anodized finish chassis material.
  • 50 kilohms input impedance.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Monolith 124460 Portable Headphone Amplifier and Dac - Black with THX AAA Technology, Analog Input, Slim Design, Dirac Sensaround
  • The world's most linear amplifier technology. The THX achromatic audio amplifier (THX aiaa) ensures the ultimate no-compromise Headphone audio experience by delivering the world's highest fidelity audio with infinitesimally low levels of noise, distortion, and power consumption
  • Akm 4493 DAC detailed sound. Exceptional musicality. The AKM AK4493 is akm's new flagship 32-bit stereo Premium DAC. It supports PCM inputs up to 768kHz and a direct stream digital (DSD) input of 2.8/5.6/112 (Maximum) MHz, the industry's highest level. An internal circuit employs a newly developed 32-bit digital filter for the ultimate in sound quality and musicality
  • Dirac sensaround expand your headspace. Music is usually mixed with loudspeakers in mind, Not headphones. As a result, Headphone listening is often plagued by a distorted soundstage Instruments and voices may seem incorrectly placed and trapped inside your heard, causing an unnatural listening experience. Dirac sensaround II creates a vast, clear, and realistically immersive soundstage free from the constraints of the space in your ear, much like a multi-speaker home Theater system. Whether you
  • Versatile inputs digital or analog - We've got you covered. This amplifier features a USB and a 3.5mm Optical input, as well as an analog 3.5mm stereo input for devices without digital outputs. Tailor your sound: peq and shelf equ - use the powerful digital Tools to tailor the sound to your personal preference. Does your headphone have a little sibilance? Set a peq to tame that frequency peak. Use the shelf EQ to provide an adjustable boost or cut to frequencies above (HF) or below (LF) the
  • Dynamic range control: Use the DRC functionality to set the shelving Filters. The DRC starts with low-pass and high-pass Filters to split the low and high frequencies (24dB/oct @ 140Hz), followed by two independent stereo compressors and a mixer to combine the low and high bands. A soft knee is not used, I.E. Compression starts exactly above the threshold level with no compression below the threshold. The LF offset simply adjusts the threshold level of the LF compressor relative to the HF
Bestseller No. 6
Monoprice 40-Watt 1x10 Guitar Combo Amplifier - Black with Spring Reverb, 10 inch 4-ohm Speaker, High & Low Inputs, Headphone Output for Electric Guitars
  • 40-watt amplifier driving a 10-inch, 4-ohm speaker
  • 60 Hz to 12 kHz frequency response
  • 3-band equalizer (100 Hz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz)
  • 0.5% total harmonic distortion
  • Volume controls go to 11 for that extra push over the cliff to really send the audience into a frenzy!
SaleBestseller No. 8
Monoprice 611720 20-Watt 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier - Black with 86dB of Gain, 1/4 Inch, Headphone and 3.5mm Aux Mp3 Inputs for Electric Guitars
  • Crank it up to 11 using this 20-watt, 1x8 Guitar Combo Amplifier from Monoprice!
  • 8-inch, 4-ohm speaker.
  • Overdrive tone with 86dB of gain
  • It has a line level output, which allows you to send the output to a recorder or mixing board.
  • It also features a 3.5mm AUX IN jack, which allows you to plug in an mp3 player so you can play along to your favorite tunes.
Bestseller No. 9
Monoprice Unity 200-Watt Bridgeable Power Amp, Black
  • Class-d amplifier providing 50 watts/channel (RMS) into 8ohm loads or 65 watts/channel into 4ohm loads. Bridgeable output provides 120 watts into a single 8ohm load
  • 4 pole detachable speaker screw connector (Phoenix connector) with support for up to 12AWG speaker wire. 12-volt trigger input for power-on/off. 12-volt trigger output for controlling other devices.
  • Buffered loop output of original signal for connecting additional amplifiers
  • Rear panel volume gain adjustment. Built-in thermal and short circuit protection circuits
  • Includes rack-mount ears for mounting a single amp or two amps side-by-side
Bestseller No. 10
Drop + THX AAA 789 Linear Headphone Amplifier - Desktop Amp with Balanced XLR and Single-Ended RCA Inputs
  • The World’S Most Linear Amplifier — Announced At Ces 2018, The Drop + Thx Achromatic Audio Amplifier (Thx Aaa) 789 Is A Linear Bipolar Amplifier With Feed-Forward Error Correction
  • Fatigue-Free Listening — Made In Collaboration With Thx Ltd , It Features The Company’S Groundbreaking Thx Aaa And Feed-Forward Topology, Which Reduce Distortion By 20 To 40 Db For Realistic, Fatigue-Free Listening.
  • Thx Aaa Technology — Capable Of Driving Any Headphones, Including High-Impedance, High-Current, And High-Sensitivity Types, The Thx Aaa 789 Amp Transmits The Original Audio In Its Purest Possible Form.
  • Additional Features — Each Channel Of The Thx Aaa 789 Amp Is Equipped With A Low-Bias Class-Ab Main Amplifier And An Auxiliary Error-Correction Amplifier, The Former Providing The Majority Of The Power And The Latter Providing A Realtime Low-Power Error-Correction Signal.

Are you finding for top 10 rated monoprice headphone amp for your money in 2021? Our AI system had scanned more than 92,112 customer satisfaction about top 10 best monoprice headphone amp in 2021, we have come up with the top 10 rated products you may be interested in. We have ranked the best brands from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data, as you see below:

Our Best Choice: Monolith Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier & DAC by Alex Cavalli, Solid State Amp, AKM AK4493EQ DAC, Balanced & Single-Ended Headphone Outputs

Our rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

The Monolith Liquid Gold X Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli is a miniaturized model of the authentic and well-known Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold Amplifier that uses ±18V rails to attain substantial electricity in a tiny bundle. The Liquid Gold is a fully differential, well balanced, present comments, good state amplifier and has a crafted-in, absolutely balanced DAC primarily based on the AKM AK4493EQ DAC chipset. The amplifier is microprocessor controlled employing precision A-to-D and D-to-A conversions to control and observe the runtime behavior of all significant features of the circuitry. It features a balanced 4-pin XLR output and an unbalanced 1/4in TRS output. The TRS output is delivered for compatibility with TRS terminated headphones, but it is advisable to use the amp in entirely balanced mode employing balanced headphones. The amplifier has 4x and 6x get settings and an approximate whole output energy of 3.6 watts for each channel into a 50-ohm load. The Monolith Liquid Gold X Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli will get your listening pleasure to new heights!

Stable Condition Amplifier : Well balanced style and design. Ultra superior electricity. The Liquid Gold X is a totally differential, well balanced, latest suggestions, reliable condition amplifier with an approximate whole output ability of 3.6 watts for each channel into a 50-ohm load. The amplifier is microprocessor managed making use of precision A-to-D and D-to-A conversions to handle and keep an eye on the runtime habits of all important features of the circuitry.
AKM AK4493EQ DAC: Specific sound. Excellent musicality. The AKM AK4493 is AKM’s new flagship 32-little bit stereo premium DAC. It supports PCM inputs up to 768kHz and a Immediate Stream Electronic (DSD) input of 2.8/5.6/11.2 (highest) MHz, the industry’s maximum degree. An internal circuit employs a freshly developed 32-little bit digital filter for the supreme in audio excellent and musicality.
Well balanced and Single-Ended Headphone Outputs: With a number of inputs and outputs for balanced and one-ended procedure and effortless front panel enter variety, the Liquid Gold X is appropriate with just about anything.
Multipurpose Inputs: Digital or Analog — We’ve Acquired You Included: The Liquid Gold X amplifier features the two solitary-finished and well balanced analog inputs, as nicely as USB, Coaxial, and Optical digital inputs to guidance all your connectivity desires.
4x and 6x get options and an approximate total output electric power of 3.6 watts for each channel into a 50-ohm load.

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