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What Music Educators Should Know About Copyright

A thirty-year veteran of the music publishing industry, Danny Rocks is the former Vice President of Sales of Alfred Publishing, and the founder and President of The Company Rocks, a business skills training company based in Los Angeles, CA.

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Digital distribution opens more opportunities than problems. The controllers of intellectual property should reexamine the relationship they have with the user. For band instrument music, there is never enough clarinet parts and never enough string parts. The directors would like to do the right thing, but publishers make the directors jump through hoops to get the parts they need. Danny Rocks, former VP of Sales and Education at Alfred Publishing, believes that publishers should take advantage of current technologies and make music digitally available. If it was easier to purchase the music digitally teachers wouldn't photocopy the music. If a student loses a reed, or a mouthpiece, they must purchase a new one, but when they come to the band room or choral room and are missing their music, people tend to photocopy the music. It would be much easier to purchase the music digitally.

Shoot Date:
August 06
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