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The Cost of Mastering for an Album

Robert Hadley is a mastering engineer at The Mastering Lab based out of Hollywood, California. Robert graduated from the Sound Master School Of Engineering in Los Angeles, and since his time with The Master Lab, Robert has worked with many notable artists including: Pink Floyd, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Stevie Nicks, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Herb Alpert, Natalie Cole, Barry Manilow, Electric Light Orchestra, Ryan Adams, Korn, Los Lobos, Carly Simon, Diana Krall and Bette Midler among many others. Robert has received multiple Grammy and TEC awards for his work and many of the recordings he has worked on have been mainstays on Top Billboard charts.

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Robert Hadley is a mastering engineer at The Mastering Lab in Los Angeles. In this clip, Robert breaks down mastering and editing costs for the typical studio situations.

Shoot Date:
February 2007
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