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SEA Conference Lecture: Keeping Your Creative Soul Alive in the Soulless World of Business – Full Session

Denise Laurin is the founder and owner of Denise Laurin Visual Art, Inc. specializing in visual strategy and implementation for print design. Denise has worked with many Fortune 500 clients including Baxter International and Kraft, gaining a reputation for compelling and effective design and excellence in project management. Her work has won numerous awards, has been shown at the New York Art Directors’ Club, and was featured in such national publications as "Healthcare Marketing Report", "Graphic Design: USA", and the "Guerrilla Marketing Handbook". She was named "Woman of the Year" by Women in Design/Chicago, and was referenced in "Green at Work: Finding a Business Career that Works for the Environment," by Susan Cohn.

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Graphic design entrepreneur and educator Denise Laurin offers her advice on how to be in alignment with your core being while making a living, addressing issues such as maintaining quality of life while running a business, charging appropriate fees for your work, and remaining true to your values while earning a profit.

Shoot Date:
March 2008
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