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Publishing and the Digital Age

Ron Sobel - Co-Founder/Partner, is a nationally recognized entertainment attorney (admitted in Michigan), with expertise in New Media, digital monetization, and copyright asset protection. Ron’s experience and international relationships across all sectors of the industry provides Winogradsky/Sobel with a unique opportunity to develop strategic business alliances and deliver comprehensive music services. Ron also served as President of North Star Media, a music publishing company founded in 2001, providing music placement and artist development services. Winogradsky/Sobel (“Win/So”) is a unique music services company that offers the combined expertise of nationally-recognized attorneys Steve Winogradsky and Ron Sobel, together with the proven track record of a highly-experienced artist development, music publishing/administration, and clearance & licensing team. With years of traditional and New Media legal and business affairs experience, the Win/So team has represented artists, composers, and production companies for television, film, DVD’s, Internet, video games, and commercial advertising campaigns. Win/So has also provided consulting and strategic design of emerging business models and social media opportunities.

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Ron Sobel, President of North Star Media, talks about the digital age. Sobel brings up Napster and its effects upon the music industry. Sobel also discusses the difference between a download and stream. A download is a mechanical and a stream is a public performance. Also in this segment, Sobel covers the radio. Radio was originally perceived as a medium that ripped off songwriters and publishers. However, today it is the largest source of income that writers and publishers receive. He shares his opinion that digital distribution will take the same path as radio.

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