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Music Industry Profile: Film Composer Jeff Rona

Jeff Rona is a contemporary film composer and recording artist who has worked on numerous film and television scores, including Homicide: Life On The Street, The Lion King, Traffic, The Net, Toys, Mission: Impossible II and many, many others. Prior to becoming an established composer, Rona was active in the creative and technical aspects of electronic music, and was one of the architects of the MIDI standard. He is author of The Reel World, a guide to the art and business of film scoring, and which grew out of a column of the same name which he regularly writes for Keyboard Magazine.

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Jeff Rona, an electronic music specialist and notable film composer, discusses the craft and life of film composing. He addresses what it’s like to write for film or TV and why it’s different from any other composing challenge, how to work collaboratively with directors and producers, how film composers get paid, balancing work and family, being a well-rounded person, what it takes to have a successful career in film composing, and more.

Shoot Date:
November 2007
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