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Major Labels vs. Independent Labels

Owen Husney is a musician, artist manager, and concert promoter based in Minneapolis. He was Prince’s first manager, and the person who arranged the famous contract with Warner Brothers which allowed Prince nearly unprecedented creative control over his music.

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Owen Husney, a manager, explains the pros and cons of signing with major and indie labels. Indie labels offer less money to make your record and don't have enough funding for major airplay. However, indies are able to give a lot more attention than major labels. They are able to help the artist build a fan base. A major label is meant for those artists who believe they will be successful. While they offer more money to make your record and offer larger promotional dollars, major labels are bean counters. If the majors feel that you aren't making enough money, they will drop you quickly. Husney points out that there are still some good major labels in the music industry. Also in this segment, he discusses his ideal situation - major labels with indie offshoots.

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