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Licensing Rights with Music in Video Games

Steve Schnur is Worldwide Executive, Music and Music Marketing for Electronic Arts (EA), the largest video game producer in the world and home to titles like Madden NFL 2006, The Sims and Medal of Honor. A longtime veteran of the music industry, Schnur held executive positions with the Arista, Elektra, Chrysalis and Capitol labels before moving to EA to become a leader in creating synergies between the video gaming and music worlds. Through Schnur, EA partners with major and independent labels to create opportunities to feature music in-game to enhance the gaming experience, and create channels through which gamers can then purchase music heard in the game.

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Steve Schnur is the Worldwide Executive for EA Games. In this clip, Schnur discusses the licensing and publishing rights that EA deals with and what kind of distribution they participate in with the music in their games.

Shoot Date:
June 2006
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