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Is Your Band Ready for a Booking Agent?

George Howard is a musician, producer, educator, and writer and has a Masters degree in literature, a JD (i.e. law degree), and an MBA. He is the COO of Norton, LCC – the parent company of: Wolfgang’s Vault, Daytrotter, Concert Vault, and Paste Magazine and is an associate professor in the Management division at Berklee. He ran a firm called RockandRoller Advising and started Slow River Records, and ran Rykodisc. George has written two books on the music business, and was the assistant editor for Artists House Music. He has written two books: Getting Signed and Music Business 101

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Professor, producer, and entrepreneur George Howard discusses the role of a booking agent in an artist’s career, as well as how to know when you need one (and why you probably don’t).

Shoot Date:
July 06
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