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Early Childhood Music Education Initiatives at the New York Philharmonic

Ted Wiprud is Director of Education for the New York Philharmonic. Among his duties are staging the Young People's Concert series originally made famous by Leonard Bernstein. Prior to this, he worked for several years doing music education and community outreach work for the Brooklyn Philharmonic, partnering with the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Public Library and places of worship around Brooklyn to bring music into these unconventional spaces. He is also a composer.

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Ted Wiprud, Director of Education for the New York Philharmonic discusses the Philharmonic's Very Young Composer's Program, as well as its School Partnership Program. He discusses how the programs function, the pedagogical techniques involved, and the goals that the Philharmonic hopes to achieve, and then answers audience questions on the topics of early childhood music pedagogy and the operational challenges of instituting programs of this kind.

Shoot Date:
January 31, 2007
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Education is becoming a major part of orchestras’ missions
School Day Concerts
Ensembles in Schools
Residency Programs
Composition Programs
Teacher Training
Resources for Teachers
Emerging Values
Context and continuity
Partnership with in-school teachers
Support for ongoing, in-school music instruction

School Partnership Program
Very Young Composers
Teaching Artists
Partnership with New York City Department of Education

School Partnership Program

First and largest in-school program among US orchestras
1977: NYC schools remove music education
1994: SPP begins: 3 schools, 300 students
2006: SPP now: 12 schools, 3,000 students
2009: SPP goal: 20 schools, 5,000 students

Esthetic Education
(Lincoln Center Institute)
Skills-Based Learning

Grades 3-5 / Ages 8-10
3-Year Comprehensive Music Education
Partnership: Teaching Artist, Classroom Teacher, Music Teacher
Create curriculum
Plan lessons

16 Teaching Artist Workshops – 2/month
2 In-School Concerts (TA Ensemble) – winter, spring
1 School-Day Concert – winter
3 Recorder Classes – support ongoing use of recorder
Final Projects – student compositions

Professional Development

Teaching Artists – 12/year
Teaching Artist-designed
Guest presenters
Yearly theme
Individual goals
Learning partners
Teachers – 5/year
2 at Avery Fisher Hall: welcome; School Day Concert
3 on-site at schools: individually designed

Very Young Composers After-school program in SPP schools Professional composers as “mentor-scribes” Students choose every note 12 sessions Collaboration with individual NY Philharmonic musicians Performance by NY Philharmonic ensemble – or full orchestra

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Partnership with New York City Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts Curriculum for NYC schools – SPP model Teacher Training Teaching Artist-led Advisory Committee New Citywide Initiatives

Download Transcription:
Wiprud Presentation.1.31.07.ppt

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