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An Interview with Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat/Dischord Records

One of the most important and uncompromising independent musicians of the last thirty years, Ian MacKaye has founded two influential bands (Minor Threat and Fugazi) and a landmark record label (Dischord Records). Throughout his career, MacKaye has kept his attention squarely on his fanbase and on the musicians who wish to follow in his footsteps - since founding Dischord in 1980 he has personally mentored many of the label’s signees, and has made a longstanding policy of selling every Dischord release for a retail price point of $10.

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Watch as Ian MacKaye, founder and owner of Dischord Records, participates in a detailed Q&A session with an auditorium of Loyola University Music Business students. MacKaye speaks on his experiences with bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi and also answers questions about his Dischord record label.

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