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Advice To Those Pursuing a Career in the Arts

Alan Pasqua is a highly regarded pianist, composer and Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Southern California. He is a former member of The New Tony Williams

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Alan Pasqua, Assistant Professor in Jazz Studies at the University of Southern California, gives advice on pursuing a career in the arts. He advises that no matter what, support one's art. If it's what the individual must do, then the individual must find a way to support it. He lists ways that he has supported his art. He played in rock and roll bands, scored motion pictures, and was a studio musician. Pasqua also discusses global thinking. People must think more globally today. They also must think of new ways to market one's self. Also in this segment, he explores the opportunities of education. Education provides greater opportunities to be an artist. Pasqua points out that if he were simply a pianist, he would be facing a much narrower road. Furthermore, he explains that teaching is also rewarding. His level of accountability has gone up.

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