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Larry Livingston is Professor of Conducting at the University of Southern California.

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Larry Livingston is the Music Director of Thornton Orchestras, Chair of the Directing Department, and Professor of Conducting at the University of Southern California. He offers advice to parents and young adults faced with the decision of whether or not the child should enter the music business. Livingston agrees that parent's have the right to worry about their child's decision to enter the music business. However, if the child understands the risk and still wants to pursue a life in music, Livingston recommends letting the child follow their passion. One does not control one's own destiny. He shares his viewpoint that it's a bad idea to try to convince parents that music is a low risk career. It is a high-risk situation. However, he points out that music is a golden opportunity for those with the passion and willingness to pay the dues. Also, the individual must have talent. Livingston discusses the best game plan as well - support the child.

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