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About Larry Livingston

Larry Livingston is Professor of Conducting at the University of Southern California.

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Larry Livingston is the Music Director of Thornton Orchestras, Chair of the Directing Department, and Professor of Conducting at the University of Southern California. He talks about his background. Livingston explains that he grew up in a family full of musicians. When he was young, he wanted to be a jazz player. He played the clarinet and piano. Livingston shares that he went to Michigan for undergraduate degree in performance and music education. His new goal was to become a high school band director. Afterward, Livingston got his masters in music theory and began teaching at a college in Iowa. Livingston discusses how he became interested in orchestra conducting. He went to California to get a degree and met Raphael Druian. Eventually, he taught at Northern Illinois University, the New England Conservatory of Music, and Rice University. Also in this segment, Livingston shares how he caught the Midwest bug to move to California. He finally applied to the University of Southern California and was the only candidate. He also has a career as a motivational speaker.

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