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Merging calm, funky soul and a strong hip-hop aesthetic, singer/songwriter Mathien (MAY-thee-in) acquired a cult following in early 2000. Mathien conveys the passion of reggae and soul vocal stylings, the freedom of Parliament-Funkadelic, while incorporating the unconventional hip-hop attitudes of A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. Mathien’s unique style garnered him street credit, college-radio love, and interest from management and promotion teams. By the time Mathien turned 21, he had recorded well over 200 songs, toured the Midwest college circuit, and signed with a reputable Chicago-based Management company. (A company whose members have worked alongside Norah Jones, The Rolling Stones, and Everclear).

“My primary goal in the business is to get my name out as a singer/songwriter,” says Mathien. “As an artist I want to be known as someone who can sustain himself and have a long career in music. Music is my life and I am confident that I will find a career in the
industry because I simply refuse to do anything else.”

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INES (Pronounced as ee-ness) has been in love with music since the age of five. Growing up in Los Angeles, her mother would have her sing various musicals to her friends for fun, so from childhood I have enjoyed performing for people. Influenced by artists such as Madonna, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette, INES cutting a three-song demo and was signed to Famous Music Publishing with an artist development arrangement.

“My goal is to continuously create and evolve as an artist, and relate my energy to my audience,” says INES. “Performing live is an experience of a lifetime.”

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Trench Town

Playing an eclectic blend of pop, funk, rock, blues and reggae - often called Caribbean pop or rock reggae - listening to the Trench Town Oddities conjures up images of summer fun, beaches and tropical cocktails! Front man Sean Harley - a staple on the Canadian indie music scene who past musical experiences include sharing the stage with some of North America's biggest acts (Sum41, April Wine, Headstones, Kim Mitchell, Glass Tiger), recording in world class studios (Metalworks, Phase One, Distortion), not to mention having music picked up by various TV Shows (Witchblade), extreme sports videos (Snowmobiling Canada), and TV Appearances (Tom Green) - decided to start the Trench Town Oddities as way to get together with some musical buddies and have fun playing music without the pressures associated with trying to be the next big thing.

“We are looking at make in-roads into the college market both in the US and our home country of Canada on both the live front and college radio,” says Sean. “We are currently writing material for our next release and plan to be diligent about releasing material on a 6-9 month basis. Licensing is also something we are aggressively pursuing.”

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