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Each type of content has different types of related material that you can use to find other types of content for example:


Log in and create your own page! Each registered user of AHM can create their own user page for collecting clips and other content. here is an overview of how to do that.

1) Create your account

2) Log in. When you log in, you will be taken to your profile page wich looks something like this:


3) Create your user content page. To do this, click the "create content page" link. You will be taken to an edit form like this: Here you can select some people and keywords that interest you. Then hit the "submit button" These choices will appear as links on your video page.


4) Add content. Browse AHM for content. if you see something you want to remember, click the "bookmark this" Link.

Your selections will appear on your video page as a clickable list that you can play right on your page! More to come....