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Front Page News Entertainment Group Worldwide

NEWS For Artists, Bands, Producers, Investors, Athletes in Hip Hop...You all should know who I am since I started the independent Rap game back in 1979, launched my company in 1985...My new movie in production is gonna set the history straight in this game about my many artists and companies I have directed...the truth is in my proof...and I am the independent executive that told Russell Simmons to go to hell in 1982 at WRKS - promo day with Barry Mayo...Russell told me that a white Greek chick from Cali would never make it big in Hip Hop...well...the critics and the buying public are gonna wonder why magazines like Jet or the Source never told the truth about me, my company...What a great country we live in because I did it!!
You may contact us for USA and worldwide distribution,
radio marketing with promotions...tours, legal,
foreign, media, licensing, events, project development
since 1985!
USA Contacts: elevate200@yahoo.com
(707)758-7745 or (510)952-2100
worldwide with great success...
Independent USA & Worldwide Distribution to Stores and
Retail, Radio Stations, Business with Media Career Development for Pro Athletes, Artists, Producers and Companies Performing Diversified Business Management for NFL, NBA and Pro Athletes Marketing USA & Worldwide for
Companies, Artists, Producers, Pro Players, Music,
Films Representation of music, video and film
commercial releases to radio, media USA- Foreign
*Launching Careers *Building Brands *Video and Film
Production *Public Relations Campaigns Including TV
Media and Press Coverage *Creating New Companies
*Securing Artist & Pro Player Promotions *Player-Team
Public Relations *Directing Independent Manufacturing
for Recording Artists and Bands FRONT PAGE NEWS
Author" of The Very First Entertainment Group
established worldwide since 1985 with
celebrated Worldwide Acknowledged Success since 1985!
c,p,r,TM 1985 - till Infinite. Contacts USA
(510)952-2100 Email: elevate200@yahoo.com
Demetra Mavis, President and Founder - started 1985
Front Page News Entertainment Group Worldwide