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How To Sell Music On Your Website

I’ve talked at length about the fact that it’s certainly easier (and cheaper!) than ever to sell your music online using CD Baby or TuneCore as a digital distributor.  And while I think it makes all the sense in the world to get your music out to iTunes, AmazonMp3, and the other online retailers, it’s also important to sell directly to the fans that are visiting your own site or blog.  Selling from your own site not only provides you with a higher percentage of income than selling through a third party site, but it also affords you the ability to creatively price your music, offer higher quality FLAC or lossless files, put songs up for a limited period of time, or engage in other subscription pricing models (like what Ari Hest is doing) that is not easily possible with third party online retailers.


Where do you sign up, right?  Well, that’s the catch. The process of setting up an e-commerce store on your site is not necessarily the most straightforward thing to do.  Andrew Dubber, whom I first heard about when he published his e-book 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online has a great post on his blog outlining his research on selling music online.  He outlines several options from straight up outsourcing it (easiest option of course, but also most expensive), to open-source e-commerce platforms and  plug-ins (the most interesting being this free Wordpress plug in). (


Check out Dubber’s complete post here


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