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Funding For Artists House

Artists House has been funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation for the past four years. We are now attempting to apply for other funding from various governmental and private foundations. Here is our recent application to the Kauffman Foundation . We are asking our community for their suggestions and advice regarding possible funding opportunities. Please let us know what you think about our approach and if you have any suggestions concerning to whom we could send funding requests they would be greatly appreciated. We’re trying to keep AH free of advertising and free to all users. We are developing ideas to create revenue streams for long term sustainability but we need about two more years of funding (around $400,000) to give us the time and wherewithal to achieve that goal. Thanks for any advice or suggestions you might have. Testimonials that would help us make the argument that we’re having a qualitative impact with respect to our community would be very helpful as well.

Thanks, y’all! John Snyder


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