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Music News 4-11-08

Slumping album sales,alternative revenues, and new retail models dominate the headlines this week.

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Funding For Artists House
Artists House has been funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation for the past four years. We are now attempting to apply for other funding from various governmental and private foundations. Here is our recent application to the Kauffman Foundation . We are asking our community for their suggestions and advice regarding possible funding opportunities. Please let us know what you think about our approach and if you have any suggestions concerning to whom we... Read More

Expert in Business Planning and Entrepreneurship Comes to Class
I invited a guest speaker to class the other night and he showed an old video about entrepreneurship. It was structured around the eight characteristics of an entrepreneur: * Wants to work for themselves, doesn’t want to work for someone else * Can communicate and is organized about it * Isn’t afraid of taking risks * Sees opportunity and takes it * Understands the need for innovation and innovates * Overcomes adversity, doesn... Read More

Artists House's Own Debbie Cavalier of Debbie and Friends Named as a Finalist of the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards
Debbie and Friends is among a diverse group of independent musicians named as a Finalist in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards.    Debbie Cavalier is the Dean of Continuing Education at Berklee College of Music's online ext... Read More

Mercury Rev Using Free Music to Connect with Fans
Of course giving away a free record is nothing new – huge bands who’ve had major label support throughout their careers (Radiohead, Prince, Nine Inch Nails, etc) have the luxury of releasing free music to their massive fanbases with the understanding that doing so will fill the seats in the stadiums when they are on tour. But how does a band capitalize on free music when they don’t have this built in com... Read More

How To Sell Music On Your Website
I’ve talked at length about the fact that it’s certainly easier (and cheaper!) than ever to sell your music online using CD Baby or TuneCore as a digital distributor.  And while I think it makes all the sense in the world to get your music out to iTunes, AmazonMp3, and the other online retailers, it’s also important to sell directly to the fans that are visiting your own site or blog.... Read More

The Word of Mouth Manual Volume II
One needs only to take a walk pass the new Apple store at in Boston at 8AM to see how important word of mouth is to Apple and their new iPhone.  Apple is legendary for their marketing (customer service is another thing  - I waited close to an hour last week to get an iPhone, in which time Apple was only able to service ONE person).  Their integrated marketing cam... Read More

The Tangled Web of Terrestrial Radio Artist Performance Royalties
This past Wednesday the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property met to discuss the proposed Performance Rights Act. Like many things related to the record business, it’s a contentious issue. Depending on where you stand, the Performance Rights Act is either: A) long overdue, the artists have been getting screwed for years, or B) another instance of the RIAA (the trade organization that repres... Read More

Solving the Problem with Digital Music: Slimbox Duet
After accumulating (way too many) CDs since 1987, I’m making the move to converting my collection to digital. The have decreased to the point that it makes sense to rip my CDs to a lossless format, and the truth is, while I’m a big fan of liner notes and artwork, I’ve had it with CD storage. And moving the collection is nothing short of a horror show nightmare. The... Read More

Make Our Video
Radiohead and I share a couple of things in common. We both love Bill Hicks (Paul Kolderie got me backstage in 2002 where I got to talk to Jonny Greenwood about Bill), but more importantly we are both interested in user-generated content. I really liked the "Nude" remix idea where different "stems" of the song (vocals, drums, guitar etc) could be downloaded, remixed, and then entered into a contest on http://radiohea... Read More

Starbucks Pulling Out of Day-to-Day Management of Hear Music
Hot on the heels of Starbucks warning on Wednesday that they expect their earnings to drop to 15 cents a share (down from 19 cents a year ago) in the fiscal second quarter, Starbucks announced Thursday that they were ceding all management responsibilities for it’s music label, Hear Music to its partner, Concord Music Group. St... Read More

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