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Rooted in European traditions, classical music has a distinct formal style. Learn more about this traditional genre with a variety of resources such as interviews with orchestra staff.

Country music is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States. With roots in traditional folk music, Celtic music, blues, gospel music, the genre expanded rapidly and is now one of the most popular genres of music in the U.S.

Christian Music/Gospel
Christian music, or inspirational music, encompasses liturgical music, masses, anthems, motets, sequences, psalmody, antiphons, hymns, Contemporary Christian music, gospel music, and Christian alternative rock. 

From its beginnings in the Bronx in the 70s, hip-hop has grown into a global phenomenon.  Based on the marketing expertise of Russell Simmons, the genre is also at the forefront of successful artist branding initiatives. 

Originating in New Orleans, jazz is a combination of blues, ragtime, and West African music. Learn more about jazz with a variety of resources such as master classes with legendary jazz musicians.

Rock has also been an incredibly influential genre, impacting culture through various modes such as film and fashion. Learn more from the experts in the field.

World Music
World music encompasses a very broad range of recordings from traditional indigenous music to popular songs from various regions. Learn more about this diverse genre from music industry experts all around the world.

Blues is the foundation of American music, and is the root from which many other genres and artists grew.  Learn more about this keystone genre.

Children's Music
Children’s music is a growing force in the music industry. Thanks to the baby boomers, children soundtracks and child stars are on the rise. Learn more about this informative and entertaining genre.

With the increase in innovation surrounding music technology, electronic music has continued to evolve and flourish. In this section, discover the in’s and out’s of electronic music. 

Latin music includes the music of all the Latin American countries.
Learn more about Latin music using a variety of resources such as interviews with producers familiar with the Latin music industry.

Rhythm and Blues
One of the precursors of rock and roll, R&B has unique origins ranging from jazz to gospel. The genre also has regional variations due to R&B mixing with other genres such as jazz.

Pioneered by Sir Coxsone Dodd and others in the late 50s, ska, reggae, and dub have been extremely popular. These genres are best exemplified by the work of Bob Marley.  Learn about the inner workings of these exciting genres here.

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