Published: 10/07/2007

Publishing has always been at the center of the music business, but it's been sort of an exclusive club. Outsiders have been unable to gain access because they've been intimidated by the arcane terms (controlled composition clause) and the - uh - math.

There's really no reason for this level of intimidation. Once you take the time to learn about 5 terms, and spend a few hours to understand how the math works - via understanding how the money flows - you can enter this club.

You should enter this club. It's the past, present, and future of the business. The barriers to entry with respect to publishing are much lower than for other parts of the music business; basically, either write or go out and find some songs, get them registered, and then hustle to get them used (on record, movies, etc.), and you're a publisher.

There's loads of info on the site to get you started. Here's a video entitled Publishing 101 to get you started.


Managing Editor of the AHM site, Mike King, interviewed publisher and author Eric Beall to determine how to leverage publishing to make music make money. Check it out here.

To get a sense of how publishing companies work check out: About Publishing Companies.

If you decide you want to offer someone a deal (or if you're looking for a publishing deal yourself), check out this video on Types of Publishing Deals.

Finally, to see how publishing connects with the other elements of the business, check out the article “Royalty Streams."

There's a wealth of other information about publishing throughout the Artist's House Music site. Use these videos and articles as starting points, and then keep digging. The more you know about this subject the better positioned you will be for both the present and the future of the music business.

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