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Careers in Music | Careers in Music Editors Guide

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A Career as a Booking Agent
Are you thinking about a career as a booking agent? ArtistsHouseMusic.org has a wonderful set of interviews with folks who are at the top of their game in their field. ... Read More

A Career in Music Law
For those of you considering the career path of a music attorney, I’ve gathered together some of the many practical resources available to you on ArtistsHouseMusic. ... Read More

Job Seeking 101: Cover Letters, Resumes, Interviews, and References
Cover letters, resumes, interview, and references are the key ingredients to any successful job search. How you handle each of these components can make or break your ... Read More

Starting Your Own Independent Label
For those of you entertaining the idea of starting your own independent label, ArtistsHouseMusic.org has a tremendous amount of educational resources from some of lead ... Read More

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