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Music News 4-11-08

Slumping album sales,alternative revenues, and new retail models dominate the headlines this week.

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Warner Music's Earnings
Warner Music Group released their quarterly numbers this week, and it's not a pretty picture. One of my favorite music blogs, Coolfer, does a great job of analyzing the results. One of Coolfer's observations: •Cost of revenues, as a percentage of total revenues, increased to 55% from 51% last year. That number is going in the wrong direction. This is a time for labels to keep a lid on their wal... Read More

Recording Gear is Nice, But There
We all tend to get seduced pretty easily by technology. I remember the first time I was able to do drag and drop editing of a section of a song in a digital audio workstation. I was blown away! And like many who have been fascinated by the speed, power, control, and flexibility offered by the ongoing digital recording revolution, I looked more and more for the secrets to a great recording in the power of the processor and software. What’s missin... Read More

In his brilliant book "The Tipping Point," Malcolm Gladwell details what it takes for "social epidemics" to spread. He identifies three key players: the Maven, the Connector, and the Salesman. As people passionate about music, we are innately "mavens," we love music, consume it and do so for the purest of motives. Gladwell defines a salesman as someone who can bring you into their environment and make ... Read More

Stumble Upon This!
I was recently turned on to a very cool web site by my uncle, Michael Gold of West Gold Editorial, called Stumbleupon. According to the Oxford American Dictionary on my Mac’s dashboard, the phrase “Stumble upon” means to “find or encounter by chance.” Stum... Read More

Bloc Party Video Podcast
I love seeing artists embracing the new tools in order to better stay connected with their fans. I'm not sure why more artists don't do this. Perhaps it's just a matter of time until they do. Or, perhaps, they just need more examples of how to integrate these new technologies into their flow. Well, here's a great example from the band Bloc Party. Follow the link to subscribe to their video podc... Read More

Merge Annual Charity Auction
An example of the “social safety net” in action One of the finest record labels out there, Merge, who continually release innovative and challenging records from bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, Richard Buckner, Magnetic Fields, and Superchunk, to name a few, are once again having their annual auctio... Read More

Broken Windows Theory, And What it Means for an Artist
There’s an interesting debate going on over at 37Signals relating to how you can apply the Broken Windows (more accurately, Community Policing) philosophy to web design. In essence, the idea is that, much in the same way some theorists conclude that the drop in crime in NYC in the 90s was attributable to Giuliani and others stressing the importance of stopping ... Read More

The New Tools
A Digg primer Pronet advertising’s site has recently posted a decent tutorial on what digg is, and how to use it; to discover stuff, and – more relevantly to musicians – to utilize its power for marketing. Having effectively leveraged the power of digg on occasion myself, I can tell you that when done right it... Read More

What a Wonderful Time in Which We Live
Two interviews from some of our living greats Pitchfork interviews Tom Waits: Favorite quote: We're all making leaner versions of stories. Before there was recording, everything was subject to the folk process. And we were all part of composing in the evolution and the migration of songs. We all reac... Read More

Keeping Score
Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony have launched a National PBS Television series and multimedia project entitled Keeping Score. This $23 million dollar, five-year project is a comprehensive program designed to bring classical music to novice and experienced listeners alike. The goal is to use media in its most public and accessible forms to show that classical... Read More

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