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Slumping album sales,alternative revenues, and new retail models dominate the headlines this week.

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RIAA Wins a Key Suit
The verdict is in for the first unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing suit to have reached trial. While all other suits of this kind have either been dropped, settled, or are still pending, Jammie Thomas – a single mother – who decided to fight the suit brought by the RIAA on behalf of the four major labels has lost. The jury found Thomas liable for copyright infringement, and ordered her to pay $9,250 for each of the 24 songs that were the subject of the lawsuit. The total pen... Read More

Examining the Radiohead move
Updating an earlier story, according to a Radiohead spokesman, the majority of people pre-ordering the new Radiohead record at what he describes, “normal retail price.” Very few people, the spokesman continues are opting to purchase Radiohead’s new release, In Rainbows, for a penny. While it’s still very early days, it appears that from a financial perspective, and certainly from a publicity perspective, Radiohead’s pay-what-you-will gambit is wildly successful.... Read More

New Radiohead Record: Pay What You Want For It
Yow! Radiohead (who fulfilled their Capital Records contract with their last release, and are presently “unsigned”) have apparently set up a Web page where one could purchase their new record in digital form at whatever price one wants to pay for it. A physical release is also available, for 40GBP. Check it out: A couple of interesting things to consider: 1) ... Read More
by:, is the largest radio network for independent artists. This online radio station places artists on stations specific to their genre, which include four tiers of radio stations, where listeners can vote to determine who makes it to the top and in the SongVault Directory and radio stations. Additionally, will start offering daily podcasts starting Oct 1. These podcasts will feature artists that have made it through their certification process and into the SongVault. Th... Read More

Excellent Run down of the Ringtone Situation
Macworld presents one of the best articles I've seen recently on the issues surrounding ringtones. Read it Here, Obviously ringtones are a massively important issue for the music business.  They've been one of the few bright spots for the majors. Now, with the massive success of the iPhone, and the integration of ringtones into the iTunes store, it's even more of a heated issue. As with ... Read More

Prince and the devolution?
Prince has always been a bit of an enigma to me. Although I was a relatively early adopter (Purple Rain was one of the first cassettes I ever bought, right after Duran Duran Rio), I sort of lost interest by the early 90s. But even when I wasn’t listening to his music, I was always keenly aware of Prince’s marketing and chops. The slave//symbol thing might have been a little out there, but great marketing - it kept Prince in the public eye when there was a bit of a lull ... Read More

Free Promotion for Family Shows!
I just discovered a free resource to promote family-friendly shows and concerts online and wanted to share it with the Artists House Music community. has been serving city families since 2000 and has been nominated for multiple Webby Awards several years running. Their Web-based resources give families shortcuts to their city at its best — its parks, stores, professional services, restaurants, baby... Read More

State of the Business: I See the Future
Somewhat buried in today's release of new Apple product is what I believe will be - in hindsight - viewed as the defining moment of when the music industry changed. While it's great that the cost of iPods has gone down while the storage has gone up; and, certainly, the iPhone is now pretty irresistibly priced; and the unfortunately-named iTouch is a great device for people who want a bang-up PDA/music player, but are reluctant to switch service providers/phones, this isn't... Read More

State of the Music Business 8/27/07
It's important to situate yourselves in the context of the music industry in order to move forward with any purpose. It's as if - God forbid - you're at a mall, and you look at one of their maps with the little arrow and red dot that says, "You are here." The reason you have to do this - now more than ever - is because the landscape is changing so quickly that in order to capitalize on the opportunities that emerge from disruption, you must know where you are.... Read More

Does Street Date Still Matter?
The Arts and Crafts label is a good example of a label that understands the importance of a brand. Much the same as Stones Throw, I know that 9 times out of 10 I’ll be into what the label puts out. Maybe it’s the fact that more than half the bands on the label have members who play with Broken Social Scene (who are great), but I like to think that they have a particular aesthetic and musical taste that mirrors mine. It makes me want to support them and buy their records/downloads. ... Read More

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