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Slumping album sales,alternative revenues, and new retail models dominate the headlines this week.

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YouTube on the Cell
Google’s YouTube is stepping into the cell phone arena. At an advertising conference this past Wednesday, YouTube’s CEO told attendees that the site will allow users to send movies to other members within a year. More details can be found here ... Read More

Career of the Month: Composer
Welcome to a new Artists House Music feature! Each month, we'll be learning more about a particular music career, providing you with an inside look at what it takes to develop a successful career in music within a specific area. For November, we'll be chatting with an accomplished film composer, Jeanine Cowen, and learning that her skilled writing and arranging music is only one aspect of the talents one must develop to make ... Read More

From the High-School Principal's Office... Music Matters!
A recent study released by MENC, the National Association for Music Education, NAMM, and the International Music Products Association shows that the vast majority of school administrators interviewed believe music education has a powerful and lasting impact upon their students. Thus, music education is an essential element of every child's education. In fact, 96 percent of public school principals interviewed believe that participating in music education encourages a... Read More

SXSW Application Deadline Approaching
South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the great music conferences in the world. It’s held every year in March in Austin Texas. This year’s fest takes place from March 14-18. One of the things that makes SXSW so great is that while there certainly are many major label acts performing in the clubs of Austin during the week, the conference organizers have maintained a commitment to giving slots to bands who are on indie label... Read More

Is YouTube Far Behind?
It’s interesting to watch MySpace evolve after being purchased by Rupert Murdoch for $580 Million. The site has decided to block users from uploading copyrighted music, and those that continue to post copyrighted material have the potential of being banned. Check out some details here. Will the user base continue to thrive if the site becomes a bloated commercialized arm of Fox I... Read More

Tom Waits vs. Frito Lay Lawsuit
Here is a fascinating document that shows the inside workings of how music gets used (or not used) in advertisements. If you are not familiar with Tom Waits' work, you should check out his site, click here to see it. We also have a wealth of additional information on copyright and the use of music in advertisements on the AH site. ... Read More

Who Rocks the Party? iLife Rocks the Party!
I arrived pretty late to the Apple party (I was all PC all the time prior to 2003), but now, I feel like I should be a paid spokesman for the company. There’s really no need for me to mention how Apple is revolutionizing the way people buy and listen to music. But what I have been into lately is the iLife bundle that comes with all Macs (and is available for purchase for a cheap price). iLife combines several popular apps – Garageband, iWeb, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie ... Read More

Technology for Music Educators
These days, the resources for music educators to get up-and-running with a technology-infused curriculum are vast. There are online courses, books, magazines, Web sites, workshops, and even organizations soley devoted to helping music educators become technologically savvy and avail themselves to the tools of technology for the music classroom. As Andrew Surmani, Vice President at Alfred Publishing, states in his August 2006 ... Read More

Have a Great Program!
That’s what Sandy Feldstein, music education luminary and CEO of PlayinTime Productions, suggests as the best way to foster advocacy for your music program in his August 2006 Artists House interview. Sandy believes parents will rally behind and solicit support for a music program that benefits their children. One of the best advocacy tools you can have is an excellent music program. There is a wealth of advo... Read More

So Long Tower, So Long Virgin, It's Been Good To Know You
I live in Boston. Ever since I was kid I’ve been traveling to the Corner of Mass. Ave and Newbury to go record shopping at Tower and Newbury Comics. Tower was great when I wanted to go deep into the Jazz world – the selection was amazing, and the staff was great at directing me towards artists that I might be into (which for several years was the single-note jazz guitarists of the ‘30s-‘60s - Charlie Christian, Django, Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, and Kenny Bu... Read More

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