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There are thousands of jobs in the music industry. Learn how to define your goal and develop a sound strategy for your career in music.

Music requires a sound strategy irrespective of genre. Whether you want to be a classical performer, a jazz musician, a hip-hop artist, or other type of performer, gain an understanding of the skills needed to establish a long-term career on your own terms.

For someone working in music, knowing the financial aspects of the industry is invaluable. Learn about the flow of money, from royalties and advances, to strategies that will help you maximize your income.

Booking agents, artist managers, lawyers, publicists, and tour managers. Learn who you need on your team, when you need them, and what you should pay them.

Create a strategy for expanding your social/business circle and maximize the connections that will make an impact on your success in the music business.

Put a strategy in place to help you develop a long-term career by following your own path and vision.

If you want to keep making music, or keep a venture running that has anything to do with music be it management or recording you have to apply sound business strategy.

Playing Music
An artist’s live performances must be viewed in the same light as any other business venture.

As with most elements of the music business, your odds of success are directly related to your knowledge. Understand the important aspects you will need to know to make the most of your songwriting career.

Know what tools are at your disposal and how to integrate them into your overall strategy.

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