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Artists House Spotlight: Education

A true musician never stops learning. Artists House has pulled together the music industry’s finest to provide musicians with a wealth of learning resources.

To teach is to touch a life, and music educators do just that on a daily basis. In this section, find answers to your questions about teaching music.

Here you’ll find information on copyrights, grants, and music education associations. Also, gain access to a wealth of practical resources on professional development and research in music education as well as information on teaching music with the tools of technology.

Music educators are entrepreneurs! Learn about some innovative entrepreneurial paths in the field of music education, then construct your own.

Gain expert advice on being a proactive advocate for your music program. Leverage the vast array of advocacy resources available to you and obtain guidance from luminaries in the field of music education.

World Music

Music is one of the most glorious celebrations of cultural diversity the world could ever know. Learn more about world music and its importance in building a global community.

Whether you’re auditioning for a scholarship, trying to land a big break on Broadway, or an opening spot for a local band, there is something here for you. Learn what it takes to put together a successful audition with practical tips and advice from world-class musicians.


Successful performance and wellness go hand in hand for musicians. Learn how to optimize your performance while nurturing your body and your mind. Check out our performance-related educational resources.

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