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Learn how to publicize yourself and understand what it takes to stand apart from the crowd.

Discover the options that exist in the advertising world for musicians, from consumer print advertising, Web banner ads, co-op advertising, keyword buys with the major Internet search engines and more.

Understand the major changes that have occurred in music retail and distribution, and learn about the various new and time-tested options you have to get your music heard!

Strategy & Process
In the world of music marketing, very little is left to chance. Learn how to formulate an effective plan for marketing that is tailored for your individual goals.

Merchandising is an essential element to any successful marketing plan. Find out what to make, when to make it, and how to optimize this important revenue stream.

Your live show provides the spark that will kick-start your sales and marketing machine –if you have a plan and stay on top of the fundamentals.

Fan Base
Understand what the pros do, when they do it, and how you can incorporate their years of expertise into your own project.

Create a plan for finding, developing, and maintaining your fan base.

The Internet can be a powerful ally to the independent musician if you take the time to understand how to use it correctly.

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