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Music As a Business
As you begin getting more serious about your music career (either as a performer or as an executive/entrepreneur), you will want to take the appropriate legal steps to make certain you protect both yourself and your business.

To be a successful artist in the music business or to be a successful business person in the music business you MUST understand how copyrights work - they are the currency of the record industry. This section will explain them.


This section will give you the information you need to make certain all of your performance related legal issues are attended to.


You simply must understand the legal implications of creating and working with music. At the heart of music creation and working with music (exploitation in copyright parlance) is publishing.

This section of the Artists House website is a crucial one, so please take the time to check out the resources we have here to help you understand the legal issues surrounding recording.

In this section, we dig deeply into the types of legal issues that exist between the artist and the team.

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