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The process of considering and preparing for one of the thousands of lucrative non-performing careers in music is a journey many musicians take. Use these resources to help you make the most of your own skills and talents.

The most important contributions to the career of an emerging artist are usually made by their professional team of advisors. Learn more about the work of these key players in an artist’s development.

Arts Administration
Without immensely capable and passionately committed administrative leaders and staff, the great symphonies, opera, and theater companies would be at risk of going out of business. To thrive, many talented, visionary leaders help to manage and grow a successful arts organization.

Music Companies
In this section, you can look at some of the types of companies in the music industry and learn what these companies do from the people who help run them.

Behind the scenes at these concerts, is an army of professionals who handle every detail, such as lighting, sound, marketing, security, makeup, wardrobe, pyrotechnics, video projection, ticketing, concessions, merchandising, insurance, finances, and booking. Find out more about this segment of the industry here.

Music Education

This section provides a vitally important link between the present and the future. There are few things in life as rewarding as teaching someone to express themselves musically, whether they’re 8 or 80 years of age.

To better understand the different non-performing career areas within the music industry, it’s helpful to look at the various market segments (markets, for short) that make up the overall music industry.

Music Production

Production is any work that is done to create sound or music as all or part of a product. Sound or music production goes into literally thousands of products each year. Find out more about careers in production in this section.


The recording industry covers a wide range of music, sound, voice, data, and other forms of recording. There are three main areas of audio recording and production: music recording, audio for various media such as film, and live recording.

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